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St. Nicholas/Kennedy Center/Lincoln/Beatrice Lewis

Friday, January 3rd 10am-12pm – Beatrice Lewis- Fan Food

Monday, January 6th 1pm – Lincoln – Henry Street Settlement/Depression Presentation

Tuesday, January 7th 10am-12pm- Beatrice Lewis-Chair Massage

Tuesday, January 7th 1pm – Kennedy – Rose Seabrook/Medicare Presentation

Wednesday, January 8th 12:45pm- Beatrice Lewis – Nutrition Workshop

Wednesday, January 8th 1pm – St. Nicholas – Rose Seabrook/Medicare Presentation

Thursday, January 9th – 9:30am departing from St. Nicholas & 9:45am departing from Kennedy – Walmart Trip –Fee $15

Thursday, January 9th 10:30am – Beatrice Lewis-Walmart Thursday, January 9th 1pm – Lincoln – Jokesercise/Agewell Presentation

Friday, January 10th 10am-12pm- Beatrice Lewis –Cake Sale

Friday, January 10th 12:30pm – Kennedy – Dr. Adeboyo /Activities & Injury Prevention Presentation

Friday, January 10th 1pm – Lincoln – Rose Seabrook/Medicare Presentation

Friday, January 10th 1:30pm – St. Nicholas – Nutritional Education Presentation

Monday, January 13th 12:45pm -Beatrice Lewis- Health & Hygiene Workshop, Tuesday, January 14th 1:30pm-Beatrice Lewis- Trivia with Alicia

Tuesday, January 14th 1:30pm – Kennedy – Nutritional Education Presentation

Thursday, January 16th 11am -Beatrice Lewis- Sing Along (Salvation Army)

Thursday, January 16th 1:30pm – Lincoln – Nutritional Education Presentation

Thursday, January 16th 1pm – St. Nicholas – Jokesercise/Agewell Presentation

Friday, January 17th 12:45pm -Beatrice Lewis- Entertainment

Monday, January 20th – ALL CENTERS CLOSED- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 21st – Kennedy, St. Nicholas & Lincoln –

Tuesday, January 21st 1pm – Michael Cohan, Esq.

Wednesday, January 22nd 10am-12pm-Beatrice Lewis- Blood &Glucose Screening

Wednesday, January 22nd 11am-Beatrice Lewis- Advisory Council Meeting

Wednesday, January 22nd 12:30pm – Kennedy – Kenny Trupin/ Homecare Presentation

Thursday, January 23rd 9:30am – departing from Kenney- Wind Creek Casino Trip – Fee $40.00 – Rebate $35.00

Thursday, January 23rd 10:30am -Beatrice Lewis- Seafood City

Thursday, January 23rd 12:30pm – St. Nicholas – Kenny Trupin/ Homecare Presentation

Friday, January 24th 12:30pm – Lincoln – Kenny Trupin/ Homecare Presentation

Friday, January 24th – St. Nicholas – BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

Friday, January 24th 12:30pm – Kennedy – Mary Kay Pampering Session

Monday, January 27th 12:45pm-Beatrice Lewis- General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, January 29th 12:45pm-Beatrice Lewis- BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

Thursday, January 30th 9:30am – St. Nicholas- Pantry Trip

Friday, January 31st 5pm-7pm -Beatrice Lewis- Game Night

Funded in part by NYC Dept. for the Aging